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2013 ERO Report


Hautapu School is fortunate to have such a dedicated and hardworking parents on the Board of Trustees. The Board meets during term time to discuss, review and plan governance related issues. Board of Trustee meetings are open meetings and parents are invited to come along.

Board of Trustee meeting minutes are a public document and are available for reading in the school office foyer.

Introducing Hautapu School Board of Trustees


Steve Burton

Board Members

Gary Natta


Adam Rickit


Kieran Harfoot

Staff Representative

Tracey Bennett


Ian Leckie


School Policies

All policies are available for your perusal in a clear file folder at the school office. Copies can be sent home of specific policies or copied at your request.

Please feel free to ask any questions of any Board Member if you want information on governance issues. Any issues or concerns relating to management and delivery of the curriculum should be addressed through the leadership team in the first instance.